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I am a poet, yoga teacher, and mother. Spending my workdays as a partner in Yoga Shanti, we are cultivating a welcoming yoga school that offers the perfect balance of alignment, flow, and inquiry. I have been writing my entire life, and I am currently working on a collection which expresses the poetry of presence. I am grateful for my loving family, and while we are based in Manhattan we recharge in Montauk and the mountains.


Teaching yoga is the only job I’ve ever had. My classes are challenging, rhythmic, whole body experiences. I want my students to feel strong and proud in their bodies, and calm in their nervous systems. In my classes I incorporate meditation, poetry, chanting, anatomy, philosophy, and purposeful playlists. Students may experience sun salutations in new ways, how to enjoyably approach postures that seem impossible, and trust that my sequencing encourages long term health. I learn the name of all of my regular students, I am very hands-on, and each class is a unique offering.

Joyce gave me the tools to own my practice and the awareness I needed to tackle new yoga challenges in a sustainable way.
Joyce is one of the most humble and receptive teachers and mentors I have ever met. She has the ability to really “see” her students and the courage to give feedback that brings on revelations.