Joyce is a lead teacher, a mentor, and the program coordinator for Yoga Shanti New York’s 200-hour Teacher Training. The course, first and foremost, helps students to deepen, and take responsibility for their own practice. One can expect to spend a lot of time doing yoga with other like-minded people. It brings out the best in students’ lives, and enhances one’s ability to communicate what he or she loves and cares about with the people in their lives. Students who go the extra mile in the training can, and do, continue on to become respected teachers. Although, many students focus on establishing a home practice, and applying the benefits of the training to advancing other areas of their lives like personal relationships, and existing careers.

Teacher training was a fascinating deep dive into the heart of yoga.  Joyce has put together a prodigious syllabus of information and hands-on experiences that allowed me to understand the importance and responsibility of teaching yoga.  She and her team have created the ultimate program for putting a person on track to be able to appreciate and teach yoga the correct way.
— Randy Cooper
Joyce gives me confidence to find my voice as a teacher - she’s taught me that I have a perspective worth sharing, that all answers can be found in my own practice, as long as I give myself the space to listen. My 200 hours with Joyce is only the beginning, and I am leaving the training so excited for the world it has opened up to me.
— Emily Forman